Same Love, Different Day

by Hunter

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Same Love, Different Day is a representation of who Hunter is. She aspires to simply Be, with no apologies so this project is a bit of past, present, and future.


released 16 January 2012

Production by CJ for One Face Entertainment. Production by DVM (Antone Amalbert). Past Love recorded and mixed at PAEME studios. All others recorded at Experimental Labs II. Remaining songs mixed and mastered at Experimental Labs II. Copyright One Face Entertainment. Writer and Vocalist: Keisha D. Hunter Dracula features Brenian Swift and Gihyne Jetson. Dollars and Sense features Alsace Carcione and Gihyne Jetson. Past Love Vocals features Stefan Xman Walton. Crazy 8 features Brenian Swift, DVM, Roob, Tre Bishop, Sho.



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Hunter Arlington, Texas

Hunter is kicking down doors and making waves as one of the newest and freshest Femcee/Singer/Songwriters on the Dallas Hip- Hop Scene. She writes her own lyrics, sings and delivers her own rap verses while exposing her passionate love affair with melody. Riding the buzz from the release of the smash single "My Shoes", Hunter will be releasing "Same Love, Different Day" in January of 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Old Man Suga (interlude)
I dun messed up, and I gave that lil ole dirty man some sugas. Now he won't summo. Then, he told me. Gimme summo on the other cheek. So I gave him summo, now he wan't summo. :-D
Track Name: My Shoes
Walkin’ in my shoes, ain’t no easy task
Trynna box with all my blues, oh will my patience last?
Can I say what I wanna say without your sensorship?
Wanna prototype my style. Overlook the soul within.

Some people like me, some people don’t, I shall not fret.
I’ll keep on truckin’, I’m not gonna give it up just yet.
Some people just want me to concede,
Something in my heart tells me to believe, Yeahhh.

It Hurts, It Hurts, it Hurts
Walking in my shoes, and paying on my dues.
Oooo, ohhh, yeahh.
It hurts, it hurts, it Hurts.
Walking in my shoes, and paying on my dues.

Verse (rap):
Puff smoke, puff smoke, sip drank, sip drank
Had to stop, stop, so I could, thank, thank, thank
Picked up my pen, so I could write it all down
Cause I knew that I was painting to a musical sound.
When I’m on the dance floor and I bend my spine,
I try to work away the pain that I feel at times.
I know it ain’t gone help me if I keep it all in,
So I wipe away a tear for my family and friends,
And then I,
Try to avoid the catastrophe,
When I, tell the haters just to let me be,
See uhh,
Everybody needs a lil time to think,
Keep yourself on the right track, Move your feet
Cuz, if you’re going too slow then your shoes will last,
You can buy a new pair when you’re walking fast.
The path that I take makes my peace still,
Take a walk in my shoes and I’ll show you Real.


Around the block, I’ve been a time or two you see?
Sometimes, I wanna step in someone else’s cleats,
Get on the field and play with someone else’s team,
But then I wouldn’t have the gifts, that the Father gave to me.
Some People like me, some people love my dirty draws,
Still gone be happy, sometimes we cannot win them all
When my heart and mind just push and shove,
My heart will always when because there lives love.


Adlib to Outro.
Track Name: Breakfast (Interlude) ftr. Brenian Swift & DVM
Hmm,hmmm. We eat MC's for Breakfast.